Who We Are?

Incense Waterfall company is the premiere source of high-quality Waterfall Incense Burners and Natural Incense Cones handcrafted in US and EU.


Our main goal is nurture each individual's inner growth with the endless wisdom of this ancient symbols of spirituality(Incense Burning).

Preserving and supporting

We're enthusiast supporter of traditional incense craftsmanship.
We started with humble beginnings — selling out of our basement and frantically shipping orders as soon as we woke up.

Worldwide Free Shipping

With your help we've made sales in 60 countries worldwide and surely couldn't have done it without you — keep spreading the word!


Lowest Prices

At Incense Waterfall we know there are many Incense vendors to choose from on the Web. We believe that when you give us a try you will see the difference. We are dedicated to establishing a long-term relationship with our customers. One of the ways we do this is by offering you the best possible prices for the highest quality Incense burners, Incense Cones and Indoor Water Fountains.

Widest Selection

The varieties of Incense available today are staggering! Although we don't carry every kind of Incense made, we do come close! And our buyers are always seeking new fragrances and new, exotic or rare varieties to present to our customers.