Top 5 Waterfalls Incense Burners in 2021 - #1 Is Still The Best

Top 5 Waterfalls Incense Burners in 2021

 Do you love incense burners? Who wouldn’t? The relaxation it brings is just incredible! But what exactly is an incense burner?

Incense is an aromatic biotic material that releases a cloud of fragrant smoke when burned. It is usually used for personal aesthetic reasons, aromatherapy, meditation, and even ceremonies. It is also used as a simple deodorant or insect repellant.


The effect of good aroma generated from the incense has been shown to raise the serotonin level of the brain. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabilizer that helps with sleeping, eating, and digestion. The serotonin also helps reduce depression, headaches, and regulates anxiety. They are also able to cleanse the air and stimulate the nerve connections and make you even more productive.


  • The smell is the oldest and most powerful sense.
  • The first sense we develop is the sense of smell.
  • Smell plays a major role in our early brain development.
  • You smell with your brain.
  • The part of the brain that is responsible for stimulating the smell is the same exact region where your emotions are located and controlled.
  • We are 107% more likely to remember something we smell.


Aside from the benefits of incense that are stated above, there are also different reasons why you should try burning an incense. Since lighting incense can cause a soothing and calming effect it is found effective as a relaxation and unwinding tool. Incense also promotes stress and anxiety reduction.

Did you know that it also reduces bodily activities like heart rate and breathing that encourages your mind to stop worrying and overthinking? After achieving such a relaxing spot of your mind, you are now able to meditate, where you can deepen your attention, heighten your senses, and uplift your spirit.



Now, let us move forward to the top 5 incense burners that will give you the above-stated benefits.


On the spot of number 5 (five) we have the Lotus Backflow Waterfall ($39.95), it is a Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder Waterfall Incense Burner. It is a Blue Set and an Aromatherapy Ornament Home Décor. It is also usually sold with 20 backflow incense cones and 10 incense sticks. It can be used with a cone or stick incenses.

Its functionality can be widely used. It helps to purify the air, allows you to meditate and relax, relieves stress, and promotes quality sleep. The cones holder can be widely used in the living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, etc. It is a hand-crafted ceramic and its smoke steam down like a waterfall when ignited. It looks wonderful and mysterious at the same time.         

Backflow Incense Burners-Incense Waterfall


On number 4 (four) is the Energy Mountain Backflow ($27.99). It is a 5 in 1 incense burner which includes a mini-incense holder base that can hold cones, sticks, and coil incense. This cone incense burner is made out of handmade high gloss ceramic material with superior craftsmanship. This type of incense burner makes a perfect and unique gift idea for your friends and loved ones.

It can be an elegant gift for any type of occasions such as birthdays, housewarming, anniversaries, and many more.  The incense waterfall burner and backflow incense holder create an ambient atmosphere, promotes calmness, relaxation, and a fresh scent anywhere you go. It is also a portable incense burner that can be used anywhere inside your home (office, bedroom, living room, etc.). It is also great for reducing anxiety and stress relief, relaxation, sleeping aid, yoga, mood enhancement, emotions, meditation, or just as a simple air freshener and deodorizer.

Its compact and portable decor incense waterfall burner that can be enjoyed anywhere you go. It can also be used for incense cones and incense stick holder for home decoration or office décor.

energy mountain backflow



Heaven's Orchid took the 3rd spot of our top 5. Heaven's Orchid Backflow
($48.99) can be used with incense cones and incense sticks. If this backflow waterfall burner is ideally used together with wormwood incense that has a long fragrance. It helps to purify the air, meditate, and relax, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality. Widely used in the living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, etc. This waterfall incense holder is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in traditional style with fine handcrafts. They are so easy to clean after use. Flush the incense burner body with boiling water, and the stain on the burners will be removed. You can get your own heaven's orchid waterfall incense burner for an affordable price!



2nd to the top is the Anishma Backflow Burner ($38.99) that is also made by incense waterfall. Which is inspired by the planetary Venus. It is elegantly designed and beautifully crafted that offers the user a Zen, peaceful, and relaxing aromatherapy experience. You can use this at your home, office, living room, etc. It promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety levels, improves mood, and uplifts your spirit. It also helps you to maintain a pleasant body and mind and promotes working efficiency and productivity.

Venus incense waterfall burner is a handmade ceramic that has a beautiful built and details. It is a perfect gift to express your love towards your loved ones. These incense cones are 100% organic and contain real scents.


On top 1 is the Incense Waterfall Burner ($31.99) made by Incense waterfall. This aromatherapy Incense Waterfall Burner can help you relax your mind every time you find yourself overwhelmed. The incense waterfall said that they are passionate about helping people live a stress-free life and this Incense Burner can help bring a peaceful state-of-mind of creating a calming environment. Its size is 4.13 inches in width and 7.78 inches in height. The cone incense burner has a reverse smoke effect where the smoke steam down that creates a waterfall look.

Which creates a wonderful and mysterious look. It promotes meditation, relaxation, and relieves stress.  This backflow incense burner is made of ceramic material, of high beauty and elegance. Handmade and unique. Easy to use, easy to carry. It can also be widely used in the living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, etc. that creates a pleasant atmosphere. It also works as a home decoration even without the burning incense.   


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