Feng shui: How to make your home calmer

During the pandemic, a quick flick through the papers and just five minutes on social media will leave you feeling anxious and stressed. So how do we calm ourselves down and feel relaxed in our homes amongst all this chaos? Feng shui could be exactly what you need. Express.co.uk chatted to Kelly Bassett, the Interior Warrior (@ktheinteriorwarrior) to find out how to use Feng Shui to transform our homes into a peaceful sanctuary.

Kelly said: “During these unprecedented times we have found ourselves bound to our home more than we could ever have imagined.“Now more than ever, we need a sanctuary to retreat into and areas to find calm.“Our kitchen tables have become places to work, homeschool, prepare meals, and dine from, and our living spaces are now playrooms, places to exercise, and places to have virtual meetings with friends.“Feng Shiu is a ritual that will help us turn our homes into a place of sanctuary."There is a cohesive connection between your home and your wellbeing.“Your home is a positive reflection of your soul, and it enables you to function in life.“It is refreshing to see that we are no longer choosing interior styles that are purely based on trends.“We are looking for something to nurture us and trying out designs and styles that can enhance our lifestyle, the way we live, our vitality and wellbeing, and our environment.“We are much more aware of where things are being produced, how things are being made, and striving for much more ecological and sustainable interiors."

So what actually is Feng Shui, and how do we use Feng Shui to change the way our homes make us feel?


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