Announcing the Release of The Ultimate Guide to Chakras, written by Athena Perrakis Ph.D

This new book embarks on a powerful journey of healing, growth, and expansion. It focuses on chakras, which are human energy centers, and within all of us there are nine main chakras.

This comprehensive guide will help readers learn about their spiritual origins and significance, and how to open and activate chakras through meditation, writing, aromatherapy, and crystal healing, in order to experience overall wellness and peace of mind.

The Sanskrit word chakra translates to "wheel", and these spinning discs are where energy gathers within and adjacent to the physical body. Maintaining flow and alignment within the chakra system is critical to cultivating a sense of overall health and vitality. All feelings of challenge or illness, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, can always be traced to particular chakras that are blocked or in need of healing. By addressing any blockages you have within your chakras, you will empower yourself to feel healthier, happier, more balanced and aligned.

Dr. Athena Perrakis, leading metaphysical teacher and creator of the world's largest online metaphysical resource website, Sage Goddess, addresses the major chakras we can access for balance, healing, and manifestation. While most healers discuss the seven main chakras, Athena takes the path less traveled by adding the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras to the traditional system, making a total of nine.

Each chapter of The Ultimate Guide to Chakras includes interactive exercises for opening and balancing each chakra, including meditations, journal prompts, altar suggestions, and guidance in working with goddesses and spirit guides. Featuring stunning artwork, this guide is an essential volume for beginners and experienced energy workers alike.

Athena Perrakis holds a Ph.D. in education from the University of Southern California and is the founder and CEO of Sage Goddess, headquartered in Torrance, California.

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